GPS based Clock Box


Dutchtronix AVR Scope Clock Box with GPS device

Ready to go Scope Clock Device

GPS antenna included


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This Scope Clock box is based on the Dutchtronix AVR Oscilloscope Clock. Not only is the Scope Clock electronics contained in the box but there is also a GPS device inside, connected to the Dutchtronix AVR Oscilloscope clock, ready to make sure the clock is accurate at all times. Using standard BNC connectors, you just connect this Scope Clock to an analog oscilloscope or X-Y monitor.

This Scope Clock box offering includes a 15' GPS antenna; some units will use a 3.3V antenna.


Controls available:



Image size can be varied using a potentiometer


GPS serial input can be turned on (up) or off (down)


Scope Clock Menu push button





Red led indicates Scope Clock is powered


Green led indicated Scope Clock activity


Input Connectors:



two standard BNC connectors for CH1 and CH2


Female DB-9 connector which allows the use of a standard RS-232 cable to communicate with a PC (command line interface)


GPS antenna input (antenna is included)


Standard 5.5 mm DC power jack


Look at the Dutchtronix website for details of the Scope Clock itself.

To power this Scope Clock box, use a wall wart (9V preferred) with a 5.5mm DC connector, center positive; this is the most widely used connector size.


This clock has an on-screen menu operated by the red push button located on the front. This button is also used to change the time and date. Of course, if you use the built-in GPS device, you'll never have to do this.


Also supported is automatic Daylight Saving Time for the US and EU zones (2008-2014). Configure your clock once and you'll always have accurate time!


Use the built-in Demo Mode to show off your gadget to friends and family. Select the Binary Clock mode to impress your friends and family!


Also included is a CD with several utilities to control the GPS device (Trimble Ace III) and a technical manual in pdf format. Changing the GPS device configuration requires some electronics expertise since you will have to provide your own RS-232 level converter for the control serial port. As shipped, the GPS device comes completely configured for use with the Scope Clock.



This is a picture of the inside of the Dutchtronix Scope Clock box. On top is the GPS device and the break-out board for the GPS controls. Underneath is the enhanced Dutchtronix AVR Oscilloscope Clock board.

The GPS switch selects the serial connection to the AVR: UP is GPS device, DOWN is DB9 connector. Instructing the Scope Clock to use the GPS info is done using the on-screen menu.

Correct GPS operation is indicating by the 'G' letter shown on the Scope Clock screen once every 5 seconds.

Note that the serial command line interface is only available when GPS mode is turned off in the menu and the GPS switch is in the DOWN position.

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Not Available any more.




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